Frequently Asked Questions

1Why do I need X-rays?
Radiographs allow the dentist to detect problems in areas not visible during a physical examination of the mouth, such as small caries between the teeth or under an existing filling.
They are also useful to assess whether and where the supporting bone of the teeth has been lost.
2 I don't like needles, can I have some gas for my treatment?
Our dental practice has several ways to make your dental treatment more relaxing. Some options like laughing gas (conscious sedation) will make sitting at the dentist chair more enjoyable. Our staff can explain all the possibilities available to you.
3 Will dental hygiene make my teeth whiter?
The main benefit of dental hygiene is the health of the gums. During cleaning, the hygienist will remove most of the surface stains on the teeth, such as stains from tobacco, coffee and other colored drinks, bringing back the tooth enamel to their original color. If you want to get a whiter enamel than your natural color you can consider teeth whitening procedures. Feel free to ask the hygienist if and how they are feasible in your specific case.
4why do I need fluoride?
Fluoride strengthens the tooth surface and makes it less prone to decay, especially if applied within 2 years of the teeth eruption. Fluoride is an important part of modern preventive dentistry.
5Why is it important to use a soft teeth brush?
We brush our teeth to keep our mouth and gums clean and healthy. A soft toothbrush works just as well as a hard toothbrush and without the danger of hurting your gums while brushing.
6Who's the best dentist in this Clinic?
All dentists practicing in our Clinic are fully qualified and registered and are able to assist you with your general dental needs.
7 Do I have to pay if I have private health insurance?
Studio Ragghianti Cinquini has no agreement in place with any health insurance company. We recommend that patients check with their health insurance company what benefits they are entitled to, how to ask for reimbursements and necessary documentation before making an appointment so that they can benefit from them.
8Does the Dental Clinic Ragghianti Cinquini offer a payment plan?
Our Clinic offers different methods of payment by installments ready to satisfy every type of need. For more information, contact the reception staff.
9 What are your rates?
After an interview and a thorough examination, we will provide the various customized solutions for each mouth and the related costs.
10What consists in a dental emergency?
When you experience major dental pain or any structural damage to your teeth, you should see your dentist as soon as possible. Examples of problems that may require an emergency dentist appointment include:
• Teeth or gums pain
• Infections or abscesses
• Chipped or broken tooth
• Detached / fallen tooth
• Repairs of prostheses
• Lost crowns or fillings
• Sports injuries