Studio Ragghianti Cinquini is at its third generation of Dentists in Lucca. The activity was founded in the '30s by Dr. Pellegrino Ragghianti, in the historic center of the city and then was carried out by his daughter, Dr. Laura Ragghianti, and today by Laura's daughters, Dr. Isadora and Valentina Cinquini.

In the new, bright and functional headquarter, situated on the ring road in front of the city walls, the doctors continue to take care of the oral health of adults and children. Easily accessible from outside and inside the city, the structure is especially designed for children, who can enjoy a reserved waiting room with games and their own bathroom and it is convenient for patients with movement difficulties who can take advantage of the private elevator.

Dr. Isadora is responsible for identifying what are the needs and requirements of each individual, starting from a good oral hygiene, entrusted to an expert team of professional hygienists, taking care of the teeth and restoring a correct chewing function and correcting, if necessary, any aesthetic defects.

Dr. Valentina, who specializes in Orthodontics, treats adult patients, restoring the correct positions of their teeth and helping with problems of the temporomandibular joint (TMJ), which can lead to disorders and pains in the opening and closing of the mouth, bruxism and respiratory disturbances in sleep (sleep apnea).

She visits children as well, in order to intercept dental and skeletal problems at a young age, to intervene at the right time with the most appropriate therapy.
She likes to interact with the little patients in a playful way, treat them and explain to them how to take care of their teeth.
Treating a patient as a child allows to obtain excellent results in terms of aesthetics and function.

There are no age limits to start taking care of your teeth, which is why, thanks also to new technologies in the orthodontic field, it is possible to treat adults with new devices to solve more or less serious problems with great results.
Isadora Cinquini

She graduated in Medicine and Surgery at the University of Pisa in 1999 and subsequently graduated in Dentistry and Dental Prosthetics at the same university in 2004. In the same year she qualified for the practice of the Dental Profession and enrolled in the Register of Doctors of the Dentists section of the province of Lucca (registration n° 405 register of surgeons n° 2600).

She has cultivated and studied the various disciplines of dentistry by attending numerous courses, among which the main ones are:

  • Annual specialization course in Clinical and Surgical Endodontics by Dr. A. Castellucci in 2005
  • Practical theoretical course of aesthetic restorations in the anterior and posterior sectors by Dr. R. Spreafico in 2005/2006
  • Biennial Course of Periodontology of Dr. R. Pontoriero in 2006/2007
  • Biennial Course of Fixed Prosthesis, Removable Partial Prosthesis and Prosthetics on implants of Dr. S. Gracis in 2008/2009
  • Annual Course of Surgery of the eighths Dr. R. Barone and C. Clauser in 2011
  • Course of complex oral surgery of Dr. R. Barone in 2017
  • Implant Surgery Course of Dr. R. Barone in 2018/2019.
Valentina Cinquini

She graduated in Dentistry and Dental Prosthetics with full grades cum laude in 2007, at the University of Pisa. In the same year she qualified for the practice of the Dental Profession and enrolled in the Register of Doctors of the Dentists section of the province of Lucca (registration number 500).

In 2013 she obtained the title of Specialist in Orthodontics, School of Specialization in Orthodontics, Università degli Studi dell’Insubria, Varese.

She attended numerous orthodontic training courses including the Tweed Study Course, at the C. H. Tweed International Foundation for Orthodontic Research and Education (Tucson, Arizona, USA), year 2012; the Face Perfection course, evolution of the Straight-Wire technique by Dr R.H. Roth, (Parma), years 2014/2015 and 2018/2019 and years 2021/2022. The course "Temporomandibular Disorders: from findings to clinical practice" with Prof. Manfredini, year 2018.

Dental Sleep medicine training course in Bologna June 2021

Qualified Invisalign specialist since 2012

She is a member of the Italian Association of Italian Dentists (Sido) since 2010 and a member of the Association of Italian Specialists in Orthodontics (Asio) since 2014.


Chiara Carrrara
Ilaria Benelli
Marta Bottai
Irene Cagidiaco
Paediatric Dentist
Fabrizio Cardosi
Francesca Cordati
Dental Hygienist
Eliana Giannoni
Dental Hygienist
Andreea Marinoiu
Dental Hygienist
Mariagiovanna Polizzi
Roberto Rossi
Specialist in Periodontology/Implantology


Serena Baldasseroni
Chair assistant
Valentina Bianchini
Chair assistant / Secretary
Alice Dini
Chair assistant
Sonia Giannini
Chair assistant
Martina Giorgi
Chair assistant / Secretary
Sonia Simonetti
Chair assistant
Marina Skadina
Management Secretary

Why choose Ragghianti Cinquini Dental Clinic?

  1. We are available when you need it: we understand our patient's needs and always try to find the best solution, working with extended hours and providing an emergency number to call after the clinic closes.
    We also understand that patients who are truly in a dental emergency need priority attention. That's why we try to keep some space available everyday in our schedule for patients with a dental emergency.
  2. Accessible Position: Studio Ragghianti Cinquini is located in an easily accessible position, close to the car park and the city center. Our studio is suitable for people with movement difficulties.
  3. Range of services: Patients today want convenience and availability of services.
    Studio Ragghianti Cinquini provides general dentistry such as checkups, teeth cleaning, fillings, crowns, dentures, teeth whitening and custom-made mouth guards, additional treatments such as orthodontics, dental implants and conscious sedation treatments.
  4. Convenience and Value: For most patients, the most convenient and cost-effective approach to dental care is good dental hygiene, a healthy diet, and regular visits to the dentist for professional oral care checkups and sessions.
    Dentists provide written estimates for treatment plans before therapies begin, allowing patients to be fully informed about expected fees and charges.
  5. Patient care: in Studio Ragghianti Cinquini, our care and our service begins from the moment you walk through the door or call us.
    Our friendly staff and doctors are trained and motivated to provide you with exceptional personalized care and service with every interaction, whether it's at the reception, in the office or on the phone.
  6. Quality assurance, compliance and safety: you must feel absolutely safe and secure when you care at Studio Ragghianti Cinquini, you can rest assured that our practice complies with Italian legislation and regulations on infection control. We have sterilization tracking systems to track individual instruments to individual patients and a strong focus on continuing education to ensure patients stay safe. We have also invested in digital radiology systems that minimize patient radiation exposure.
    Our commitment to quality, compliance and safety also extends to our strong focus on workplace safety.