The Ragghianti Cinquini Studio represents the third generation of Dentists in Lucca, started with the foundation of the activity in the 1930s by Dr. Pellegrino Ragghianti, in the historic center of the city, then carried on by his daughter Dr. Laura and today by Laura's daughters, Dr. Isadora and Valentina Cinquini.
In the new bright and functional headquarters in Via Cavalletti in Lucca, situated in front of the city walls, the doctors continue to take care of the mouth health of adults and children. Easily accessible from outside and inside the city, the structure is designed for children, who have a waiting room with games and their own bathroom, and is convenient for patients with mobility difficulties who can use the private lift.

Our Services

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Dentist for Children

We are committed to taking care of children's smiles and their dental health.
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Conscious Sedation

Using nitrous oxide, the patient always remains conscious without loss of reflexes and decision-making skills.
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Teeth whitening

A cosmetic treatment that provides excellent results to patients who desire to whiten the color of their teeth, that have discolored over time.
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Panoramic X-ray

We carry out orthopantomography and / or teleradiography directly at our office.
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Aesthetic treatments

Ideal for restoring the natural functionality of tissues by stimulating the formation of collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid.
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Intraoral scanner

It is possible to perform an optical scan of the mouth, thus replacing the traditional dental impressions, which often cause nausea and discomfort.
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Personalized payments

We provide various installment payment methods, ready to satisfy every type of need.
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Shuttle Service

Patients with mobility difficulties have a free shuttle service from their home to the office and back.

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0583 587797


Via Cavalletti, 18
55100 - Lucca (Lu)
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